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  • Le Cerf
  • Tickless

    Finally there is a product that can protect yourself and your pet against ticks and fleas.

  • Fixplus

    Finally it is possibly to buy Fixplus in Denmark. Nordic Artemis is the Danish supplier of German Fixplus which is a smart rubber band, and is available in 3 lengths. Perfect to keep track of your stuff without using rope or duct tape. Can be used again and again

  • Vulpés

    Prepare yourself! You can never know when the next cold front comes. Above all, it may be cold to sit on the hunting platform or standing at the coast. If your feet and hands are cold, it is only a matter of time before the whole body feels cold and makes it difficult to shoot or hold the fishing rod. Do not let the cold ruin the day. Vulpés helps you with extremely effective clothing and keeps you warm during your next adventure. To be comfortable in cold weather, starting with a correct choice of equipment

  • Maremmano

    Italian leather: In Italy there is a strong tradition of magnificent design, where the philosophy is good and solid craftsmanship made of high quality materials. Italy is especially known for their genuine leather used for the production of shoes, clothing, furniture and Hunting gear. The Italian calf leather is known worldwide as a solid, high quality and durable material. In Italy, leather craftsmen specializing in leather production are trained with only the best animal skins to ensure high quality.

  • Insect Stop